Today, GGG released the Two-Legged Goat Pet in Path of Exile! These new Path of Exile pets will follow you on your adventures as your new small friends. This one is pretty agile and funny, so check it out!

Path of Exile Two-Legged Goat Pet

First of all, Path of Exile is famous for its‘ huge number of different decorations. Mostly you can buy them in the microtransactions store on the website or ingame. Especially Path of Exile Pets are quite interesting due to their unique appearance and abilty to interact with the player and its‘ environment. Certainly, GGG themselves reminds us to check out their other microtransaction pets to build up a cool zoo in our hideouts. These are for example:

  • Baby Elephant Pet
  • Chicken Pet
  • Orange Cat Pet
  • The Wolpertinger Pets

If you want to see that goat in action, check out the official presentation video. It was uploaded by the official Path of Exile Youtube channel. The video presents how the Two-legged Goat Pet looks like and how it behaves in-game. On their channel you might find further Path of Exile Pets such as those mentioned above. Just click through their videos to check them out. Probably you’ll might find the pet which might fit best to your character. Plus, you could see how they look like with special skin combinations – let us know if you find some nice ones!

If you want to purchase this cute friend, just visit the microtransactions shop. It’s available since the 29.07.2019. To use your pet, simply go to your microtransactions stash and activate the Two-legged Goat Pet. Hence, you should see it directly running around your character, if everything is right. Likewise, this mechanics work for almost all microtransaction decorations such as Pets, Weapon Skins, Armor, etc.

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What’s your opinion of the Two-Legged Goat Pet? Do you prefer other ones? Let us know in the comments section! 

Price: 110 Points