Path of Exile just released a new Hideout called ‚Corrupted Hideout‘. It reminds on Queen Atziri’s base and delivers us some gory atmosphere.

Path of Exile Corrupted Hideout

This hideout has three big rooms and tons of bloody features! To add more gore to your home, you can also make use of the following decorations:

  • Blood Rain Decoration
  • Malachai Heart Decoration
  • Burning Corpse Decoration
  • Oriath Citizen Corpse Decoration
  • Doomcrow Hide Effect

Below you can watch the official presentation video on the Path of Exile Youtube channel, for a closer insight.

If you want to get this hideout , just visit the microtransactions shop. It’s available since the 15.07.2019. Plus, this week is a huge microtransactions sale which puts 61 hideout decorations under discount!
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What’s your opinion of the Corrupted Hideout? Do you have any favourite decorations combinations? Write it into the comments section!