This week, Path of Exile just released a new PoE cosmetic, which is called „Vampiric Portal“! It is an epic portal skin with it’s round metallic frame plus it’s fanged skull on top.

It’s available now for 150 points in the PoE store. On use, you replace your standard portal skin with the „Vampiric Portal“ one.

Path of Exile Vampiric Portal

Furthermore, the Vampiric Portal has a red swirling effect, surrounded by small bats. If you want to mix it up with other cosmetics, the PoE Team listed some examples of good looking cosmetics combinations:

  • Vampiric Armour Set
  • Skull Hood
  • Pitch Black Bandana
  • Vampiric Wings
  • Bat Swarm Effect
  • Gore Character Effect
  • Vampiric Footprints
  • Sin Sword
  • Vampiric Weapon Effect

In the Thumbnail above, you can see an example of this exemplary outfit in front of the Vampiric Portal. Looks kinda cool.

Do you want to see the Vampiric Portal in detail? Just watch the official presentation video, published by the Path of Exile Team.

If you want to purchase this portal skin, just visit the microtransactions shop. It’s available since the 18.07.2019.

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What’s your opinion of the Vampiric Portal Skin? Do you have any favourite cosmetics combinations? Write it into the comments section!

Price: 150 Points