Yesterday, Path of Exile released the „Sulphite Portal“ PoE Cosmetic! It’s a simple yellow portal skin with a lightning effect and surrounding voltaxic sulphite particles. It’s available now for 110 points in the PoE store. On use, you replace your standard portal skin with the Sulphite Portal Effect.

Path of Exile Sulphite Portal

It comes along with the Super Stash Sale, so if you are ready to get some stuff from the microtransactions shop, feel free to check out the stashes section.

In the Thumbnail above, you can see the Sulphite Portal Effect in action! But if you need a deeper insight on this new decoration, visit the official Path of Exile Youtube channel!

Below is the official presentation video of the Sulphite Portal Effect.

If you want to purchase this portal skin, just visit the microtransactions shop. It’s available since the 26.07.2019.

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Price: 110 Points