Some days ago was just released a new PoE cosmetic! It’s called „Smoking Hood“, which is a simple grey cloth hood with smoke effects.

It’s available now for 120 points in the PoE store. With that cosmetic, you can replace your head gear skin with the Smoking Hood one.

Path of Exile Smoking Hood Skin

The new PoE cosmetic fits perfectly with other armor skins, such as the Elder Armour or the Pitch Black Armour Set. The thumbnail is an example of this new head skin with the Apocalypse Armor, Sin Character Effect, Raven Demon Wings and the Darkprism Weapon skin. In combination with the Fiery Eyes, it looks kinda epic!
If you want to see the Smoking Hood on detail, just watch the official presentation video. The video below was published by the Path of Exile Team.

If you want to purchase this skin, just visit the microtransactions shop. It’s available since the 12.07.2019.
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What’s your opinion of the Smoking Head Skin? Do you have any favourite cosmetics combinations? Write it into the comments section!
Price: 120 Points