Yesterday, GGG just released a new PoE cosmetic, called „Necrotic Shield“! It is a shield skin with a frame out of bones, a big skull and a green flame effect.

It’s available now for 185 points in the PoE store. On use, you replace your standard shield skin with the „Necrotic Shield“ one.

Path of Exile Necrotic Shield

GGG also presented some good looking outfits and cosmetics combinations, which fit quite well to the new Necrotic Shield. Check the list out below:

  • Necrotic Armour Set
  • Necrotic Hood
  • Viper Armour Set
  • Necrotic Wings
  • Wasteland Sword
  • Necrotic Cloak
  • Pestilence Character Effect
  • Pestilence Weapon Effect

In the Thumbnail above, you can see an example of the Necrotic cosmetics in combination with the new Necrotic Shield. We think it looks quite gorgeous!

Below, you can watch the official presentation video of the Necrotic Shield. It was uploaded by the official Path of Exile Youtube channel. If you want, to get a closer insight on that new decoration, check it out!

If you want to purchase the Necrotic Shield, just visit the microtransactions shop. It’s available since the 25.07.2019.

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What’s your opinion of the Necrotic Shield Skin? Do you have any favourite cosmetics combinations? Write it into the comments section!

Price: 185 Points