The PoE-Core Team has decided to add the latest and most popular PoE builds to our website soon! We will try to simplizise professional made Path of Exile builds to make them more accessible to you.

Path of Exile Builds

General Information
We are also playing Path of Exile for years now and we know the general issue in terms of finding good quality builds: there are only a few well designed and structured builds in the web. Especially on official PoE sites, fan builds are mostly more of a documentation for build owners themselves than an easy understandable guide for the community.

For sure, there are also some very well outworked ones, but we want to make that quality standard. So we are looking forward to share with you the latest PoE builds around there. Check out our website regularly to take advantage of our little project!


PoE Legion Builds
For sure, we will focus on the latest and most important builds. So we will mostly support the actual leagues and try to find builds, which fit best into our actual seasons. This means that we will share some 3.7.4 PoE Legion builds with you, soon. We hope to give you an easier and more structured start into new leagues and maybe a little push and inspiration for the actual Legion league.


That’s all! If you want to suggest some builds we should rework and publish here, feel free to let us know in the comments section.
Have fun and good luck in the actual Legion league!

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